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    celebrating dynamic growth + change for women 55+

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    As our mobility, stability, and agility changes, joyful and diverse movement practices are integral. Our approach to movement is to develop strength and flexibility in simple ways that don't require extensive gym equipment or fitness machines, but rely on body weight, nature and creativity.


    Being human is tricky and complicated stuff. Relying on unexamined thoughts is not always the most reliable path to sane and kind life. We encourage a formal sitting practice to keeping us living our best lives.


    Healing is an ongoing journey through physical and emotional injury, pain or disease to recognizing our trauma and finding a way forward. Techniques to heal are abundant, but doing it requires hard work, effort, guidance and patience. We are here for you.


    The great sages and contemplatives knew that a practice to prepare for death, as we living, is essential to experience full living. We will explore the why and how of death practices so that you can feel the power and gratitude of today.


    Supplements, diets, anti-aging creams, hormones, injectables and botox. The list is exhaustive of what we are sold to "reverse" the feeling or look of aging. What do we buy into? What do we reject? Let's tackle the onslaught of commercialism and figure out what works for each of us individually.


    Breathing practices have a huge impacts on our overall mental and physical health. Slowing down our breathe cycle and ensuring we are breathing through our noses are some of the things we will practice together.


    While nutrition (the food and supplements we consume) is important, the ways we deeply nourish ourselves goes much deeper. Circling up as women is as old as women. Listening, laughing, crying and sharing our stories is the best nourishment. Baths, nature, massages are pretty good too!




    Despite the popular belief that rest is a waste of time, we challenge that assumption and see 'active' rest as signs of maturity, wisdom and insight. Active rest is conscious time taken to rest the mind and body to allow it to restore and regenerate.

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    My team of international facilitators will join me for theme-based retreats in magical places such as

    Costa Rica, Bali, and Mexico so we can circle up together.


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    January of 2023

    Founder Janet Nicol (she/her)

    Aging Gracefully was born out of my desire to challenge the narrative around aging that I felt didn't represent me! We need to take up space, do our part to save this planet, and be seen and heard. Let's move our bodies, keep our minds steady and sane, have hard conversations and rise up together!

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    Special person coming soon

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