• Aging Gracefully

    celebrating dynamic growth + change for women moving into their third act

  • Pillars

    My vision to aging and thriving

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    Active Rest

    Meditation, Embodied Movement, Restorative Yoga, Mindful Breathing, or curling up to Do Nothing. Let go of worry.

    Approach life and death from calm.

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    Five Senses

    Explore our glorious earth from a place of wonder. Meander through landscapes and activate your senses. Taste it, Feel it, Smell it, See it, or Hear it as if for the first time.


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    Creative Spirit

    Express Yourself

    Create rituals and ceremonies that acknowledge life changes. Embrace minimalism and include biophilia in your home environment. Wear arty clothes. Try plant medicine. Dance anywhere, often.

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    Step Aside

    Soften your hold on You. Practice Gratitude or Metta. Circle up with women to hold space. Engage in Selfless Service. Love more deeply. Resist complaining and instigate the change you want. Know the land you inhabit and take responsibility.

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    Go Outside


    Find parks and green spaces and inhabit them. Garden, make land art, learn about plants on your street. Climb up or sit with trees.

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    Body + Mind

    Exercise is essential, but so is Natural Movement for mobility, stability, and agility. Explore Spiritual and Healing Modalities. Listen to Podcasts and read books to keep your mind activated.

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    Who now?

    As you shift from full-time employment into partial or complete retirement, who are you? What shifts are taking place?

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    How to handle the commercialization of the ageing female body?

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    How do we handle the commercialization of the aging female body? How do we accept our changing bodies and minds?

  • Founder: Janet Nicol

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    Aging Gracefully was born out of my desire to challenge the narrative around aging that I felt didn't represent me. We need to take up space, do our part to save this planet, and be seen and heard. Let's move our bodies, keep our minds sane, have hard conversations, and rise up together.




    To learn more about me head over to my website janetnicol.com

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